About Tiffiny Fambro, Fitness and Health Expert

About Tiffiny Fambro, Fitness and Health Expert

Who I Am

Tiffiny FambroHello and welcome, my name is Tiffiny and I am so honored you came to my site.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I’m an ACE certified group fitness and SCW certified personal trainer; I also have a certificate in sports nutrition. I have a master’s degree in Public Health Education with a focus on community health and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

I’ve worked in the public health industry, social service field, behavioral health community, and the private consulting industry altogether for over 16 years.

I am also a winning, nationally qualified NPC figure competitor and I continue to improve my skill set by going to tons of workshops and conferences dealing with fitness, nutrition and behavioral health.

How I Got Started

Tiffiny FambroI know what it is like to struggle with losing weight, self-image issues, self-esteem issues and confidence.  For many years my weight went up and down and usually corresponded with my emotions.  Then one day I looked at myself in the mirror and I wanted to cry.  I was thirty years old, 40 lbs over a healthy weight and I wasn’t happy with the way my body looked.  I was also dealing with a very emotionally draining and stressful marriage, I was miserable, depressed and I knew something had to change.

So I started walking everyday and started researching how to eat whole healthy foods without feeling like I was on a diet.  As I progressed I begin to add jogging and weightlifting to my regimen and fell in love with competing.  I also started incorporating mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga and journaling into my lifestyle. I felt renewed, my body was in great shape, my mind was positive, and I had more confidence and trust in myself.  It was through my healthy lifestyle, weightlifting and healthy eating, that I gained the courage and confidence to leave my failing, unhappy and unhealthy marriage. I completely transformed my life because I started to truly take care of myself and know that I deserved to happy.

Life Mission

By going through my own physical and mental transformation I learned that my life’s purpose was to help others stake their claim to their life and discover their own power and self-love through health and fitness.  And that’s what led me to start Build Body Wealth, to help as many people as I can discover the joy of life by living a healthy lifestyle.