April Membership Interview – Tiffiny Fambro, Women’s Fitness and Health Speaker, Trainer and Coach and Creator of Build Body Wealth

Tiffiny FambroApril is my birth month and so I decided to interview myself! Yes, in this month’s membership interview, I explain how I always knew I was meant to work in the health field.  Helping my grandparents through critical illnesses led me to going into pre-med in college.  After realizing being a doctor was not for me, I switched over to psychology and found my sweet spot.

I eventually used my love of people, health and human behavior to get my Master’s degree in Public Health Education.  My education taught me so much about the mind, the body, disease and disease prevention, as well as how to create effective programs that positively impact communities and individuals

In this awesome interview I also share how my personal struggles with weight, depression and a difficult marriage, led me to fitness.  It was this journey that opened a door for me to live my best life.  Finding fitness gave me a sense of freedom and joy that I had never felt before and gave me the courage to leave my unstable, toxic marriage.

From that space of freedom, courage and love, I create Build Body Wealth.  A comprehensive company that helps women both physically and psychologically as they start their journey to improved health.

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