Build Body Wealth Training Policies

Build Body Wealth Training Policies

Client Forms

All clients of Build Body Wealth (BodyWealth & WellBeing, LLC) must complete and sign, a waiver/release, and a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) forms.  A medical clearance form is required for all participants who answer “yes” to any of the seven PAR-Q questions.  Build Body Wealth reserves the right to require medical clearance from any client it feels may be at risk.


Please make sure to come prepared for each training session in proper dress and footwear (shorts, workout pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt, supportive sneakers, etc.) for your workouts.  Clients who arrive unprepared for their training session will lose that session.

Late/Cancellation Policy

Build Body Wealth (BodyWealth & WellBeing, LLC) operates on a scheduled appointment basis for all client sessions.  We ask that clients value their trainer/coaches time as much as we value their time. However, we understand that sometimes life happens and clients may be late or need to cancel an appointment.  As such, the following policies have been developed allowing clients to give proper notice and not be penalized:

  • If clients are more than 15 minutes late and have contacted the trainer/coach, they may complete the scheduled session within the remaining scheduled time.
  • If clients are more than 15 minutes late and have not contacted trainer/coach, they are subject to losing the scheduled session and will be charged accordingly.
  • 24 hours advanced notice is required for any cancelled or rescheduled session.  If 24 hours advanced notice is not provided the client will be charged for the full session.
  • For training sessions that have been purchased in advance, if 24 hours advanced notice is not provided that session will be voided and forfeited.
  • Note: Clients may be afforded one free “no show”.  If they fail to give 24 hours advanced notice once per package they will not be penalized.

Small Group Training

Monthly payments for Small Group Training are due by the 26th day of the previous month.  This payment ensures your spot for that given month during the specific day and time each week.  Failure to pay will result in forfeiture of the Small Group Training spot during that training session time-slot.  In addition, the following policies apply:

  • Clients must notify of cancel prior to the 25th of month or they will be charged for the following month.
  • If a client misses a session it cannot be made up.
  • No discounts/refunds will be given for missed sessions.
  • Any trainer cancelled sessions will be credited to the following month’s payment. (This applies to planned cancelations, as well as cases of emergency, illness or inclement weather.)
  • Monthly payments may vary based on the number of training sessions per month. (For example, five Saturday sessions in one month.)
  • If a group has fewer than two participants committed for that month it will be cancelled and a refund for remaining sessions will be issued.

Fitness Classes

Sign-up is required in advance at  Registration remains open until 30 minutes prior to class start time. Because space is limited, participants who need to cancel their registration are asked to give 24 hours’ notice. Each participant is allowed two cancelations with less than 24 hours’ notice. If participant cancels a second time with less than 24 hours’ notice, Build Body Wealth (BodyWealth & WellBeing, LLC) reserves the right to refuse to allow this participant to sign-up for future classes. Clients wishing to sign-up for a fitness class that is full will be added to a waiting list and will be contacted should a space open up.

Refund Policy

Once payment for a service is made there will be no refunds allowed with the exception of health related issues.  If a client purchases any session and cannot finish that session due to health issues, they are eligible for a refund for the unused session minus $10 processing fee.  Clients will be asked to provide documentation from their physician to receive this refund.


Youth under the age of 15 are not allowed to sign up for fitness classes.  Youth ages 15-17 will need a parental waiver for their participation.  Youth/children or others that are not receiving services are not allowed to participate in training or coaching sessions.  Please do not bring children to personal training sessions, childcare will not be provided.

Requests for exceptions to these policies will be addressed on an individual basis.