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Sherri DanzigThis month’s free membership interview is with Sherri Danzig, a sleep expert who learned the hard way that quality sleep is essential to the body’s performance.  Sherri’s wellness journey began 25 years ago.  Her recovery from debilitating back pain using energy medicine inspired her founding Wellness Resources International, whose mission is to empower others with natural and simple solutions for self-care. Sherri is a passionate speaker and wellness trainer, in particular, on topics of sleep and hydration.

In this awesome interview, Sherrie explained to me how she got on the path of wellness through her personal wellness journey.  She goes over the essentials of building a simple sleep routine to get your brain and body ready to go to sleep and stay asleep.  We discuss the average amount of sleep adults should be getting every night. We also talk about how sleep effects weight loss and the immune system.

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