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The fitness journey is not always an easy one to create and stick with.  There have been plenty of times when I have gotten so frustrated.  I’ll get on a healthy eating plan, lose a few pounds, then the weekend comes and I eat one meal that throws my whole weekend off.  Monday will come, I’ll get on the scale and the pounds that I lost, I gained back from the weekend. It’s so annoying and frustrating.  My weight has always been a moving target, going up and down.  One diet after another that worked temporarily.  I got so tired of food consuming my entire thought process and life.

That’s why 3 years ago I made the decision that I had to create a plan that I could stick with around my lifestyle. Something that was not a diet but a true lifestyle.  I wanted to be able to enjoy food and eating while still maintaining a healthy weight.  I started researching how bodybuilders ate and how fitness professionals ate and started creating a plan for myself.  I had really been pushed to the point of no return and I realized when I stopped focusing a food being the enemy and started looking at it as a way to be healthy, my entire life changed.  I had finally figure out how to create a plan, execute the plan.

I got a fitness coach and started creating healthy and simple meals for myself.  I realized I needed help on my journey and couldn’t keep doing it alone.  So the journey is not always and easy one but don’t give up, it’s definitely possible and worth it!

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