I Don’t Have Time To Work Out!

ExerciseI recently met a lady who was in a rush.  We were talking about a fitness magazine and it prompted her to say, “I need to go to the gym and workout – I know I do.  But I just don’t have any time, it’s just not a priority.”  As I silently listened, she went on to say, “But it should be a priority”.  I thought it was profound how in a split second as she listened to her own words, she realized that saying “I don’t have time” really meant “it’s not a priority”.  The part where she went on to say that she should make it a priority was really the Game Changer moment.  It was the moment where something on the inside told her that something needed to change.  I didn’t say a word, I was just there to listen.

How many times have we had a similar situation where we say we don’t have time for something but in reality, we know that it’s really that we have not prioritized that behavior or action?  We live in an era where life seems to move really fast.  With the speed of new technology and new channels of communication networks, it feels as if it’s difficult to find time throughout our day to get tasks done.  However, just like the story above, the truth is that time has not changed.  The main challenge that we face is the decision around how we plan to prioritize activities in the time that we have.

Prioritizing Exercise

The idea of prioritizing exercise may seem daunting, because the results are not as instantaneous as other activities on your to-do list.  However, if a doctor told you that you were going to die in a few months if you did not walk 30 minutes a day, you probably would be able to find 30 minutes in your day to walk.

Now, instead of putting yourself in a “do or die” scenario, simply ask yourself if you want to include exercise in your daily or weekly schedule.  If the answer is yes then make the decision to put it on your priority list and schedule your workouts. The next step is to ask yourself where in your schedule could you fit in 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week then writing out the dates and time frames to accomplish this goal.

After you have made the decision to create an appointment for yourself, you then have an opportunity to explore what type of workout scenarios would fit your lifestyle. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to join a gym?
  • Do I want to workout at home?
  • Do I want a personal trainer?
  • Do I want an online program? (such as the Strong, Fit & Beautiful 8-week Jump Start — learn more in the webinar replay of The Game Changer)
  • Do I want to workout with a group such as a class or boot camp?
  • What level of working out would I feel comfortable with? (i.e., high intensity or moderate)
  • Where can I go quickly in the time I have?

Thinking through these questions will give you a good idea of what types of workout plans would fit your needs best.

Once you establish what you specifically need, then you can start researching or seeking out environments/circumstances that work best for you, i.e. a gym membership, or a group class, or a personal trainer, or an at home video series. Some people may be able to get up early and workout at a fitness facility before they go to work; some may go for a walk at lunch.  Stay at home moms, may find it easier to join a boot camp while their children are at school or to do a video while their toddler is asleep.  For those who travel often they may need an online training program on a phone app that you can use anytime, anywhere.  People that struggle with accountability may need to join a structured group program or get a workout buddy to keep them on track.

The bottom line is that once you make a decision to prioritize your workouts you will start to generate the answers you need to pursue a plan that works best for your lifestyle.


There are so many ways to fit workouts into your life but you must schedule the time just like you schedule all of your other activities.  Don’t worry about the how because you will find that as you schedule it and get started, the how will appear.  Time will suddenly open up on your schedule and less important activities will soon either disappear or you will find a better way to complete them.  The most important step is to make a decision that your HEALTH is a priority!