March Membership Interview – Dr. Candace Holmes, Neurofeedback Practitioner/Mobile Chiropractor

Dr. Candace HolmesThis month’s free membership interview is with Dr. Candace Holmes, a Neurofeedback Practitioner/Mobile Chiropractor.

Chiropractic work is a hands-on therapy that involves the adjustment of the spine.  The human brain as well as all of our nerves are connected to the spine, so the act of chiropractic adjustment affects various parts of the body.  It helps decrease injury, boost the immune system and can help decrease stress and anxiety.  Dr. Holmes explains that getting adjusted by a chiropractor can start from the moment of birth and should be done for an entire lifetime.  Chiropractic adjudgment helps to maintain health as well as alleviate pain that a patient may be experiencing.

Neurofeedback therapy involves placing a cap monitor that is connected to a computer on a patient’s head and monitoring the patient’s brainwaves.  The initial assessment helps Dr. Holmes understand what level the patient’s brain is at and where they may need improvement.  Once the initial assessment is done, Dr. Holmes explains to the patient the 4 different categories where their brainwaves are most active.  The process is easy and can be done on children and adults.  It is very effective for anyone, but especially persons suffering from ADHD, memory issues, anxiety, stress, or compulsive disorders.  Once the initial assessment is done, Dr. Holmes and give the patient options on the neurofeedback therapies that will help them improve going forward.

I learned so much in this interview and am very excited to share this video for the monthly membership – so be sure watch the entire 20-minute video.

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