New YouTube Channel and My Fun Run!

I am super excited to release my new and improved YouTube Channel!! On the channel, I will be loading videos of fun quick workouts, fitness tips, interviews with other fit pros and some funny light-hearted snippets of my fitness life.  This month I released the video “LET GO FORE A JOG”.

In this video I take you on a quick jog – I start off with a few dynamic stretches (leg swings, high knees, jog in place, etc.), go on a 30-minute jog, and end with some static stretches (side lunge stretches, straight leg stretches, squats, quad and hamstring holds, etc.)  Let me know if this helped you on your run or walk. If you enjoyed – PLEASE – hit the “like” (thumbs up button on video) and subscribe.

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!