The 8-Week Strong, Fit, & Beautiful Jump Start Program


You wake up energetic and feeling refreshed every day.

You’re excited about the fun physical activity that you plan to do whether jogging early in the morning, taking a yoga class, going for a hike, or just playing with your kids.

You see food as a way to fuel your body for energy, detoxification and optimal function.

You are able to think clearer and make better decisions throughout your day.

You feel motivated, stress free, positive and strong.

You have the energy to give more to your family, friends and career.

Learn how to create a fitness and healthy lifestyle plan that you can maintain FOREVER!

Join the Build Body Wealth 8-Week Jump Start Program

Strong, Fit, Beautiful Jumpstart

8-Week Strong Fit Beautiful Jumpstart


In this program you will have access to 8 weeks of modules that will guide you to living your best fitness life.  Each week will focus on different levels that make up a fit and healthy lifestyle:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Habit Change
  • Life Balance
  • Positivity
  • Accountability
  • Motivation

You will get access to recipes, shopping lists, and a planning guide to help you create meals that taste great and are still nutritious.

Healthy Eating

Get 24-hour access to the Build Body Wealth personal training dashboard for exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere with and without equipment.

Also get tips on FUN activities that promote physical fitness.

Negative stress can lead to long term detrimental effects such as chronic disease and mental degredation. In the 8 week jump start you will learn various stress reduction techniques to help you decompress and stay CALM.


Living a healthy and fit life includes learning how to stay MOTIVATED AND POSITIVE.  Learn strategies to keep feeling positive, balanced and focused while creating your healthy and fit lifestyle plan.

You will have weekly coaching calls with me to keep you ACCOUNTABLE, answer questions and ensure that you are meeting your goals.

Tiffiny Fambro


  • Supportive reminder emails
  • Private Facebook accountability group
  • Access to me for any questions or help

Normally a program this comprehensive, with:

  • Fitness trainer
  • Nutrition plan/specialist
  • Coach
  • Accountability partner
  • Group support

Typically, would cost an upwards of $1500 per month

However, I wanted to make this opportunity affordable for anyone who been wanting to get healthy, gain confidence, & ready to make a total change to their life.

So, I’ve priced the Strong, Fit & Beautiful 8- Week Jump Start to


Almost 55% less than the retail price!



Let me introduce myself…

Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Expert Tiffiny FambroHi! I’m Tiffiny, Fitness & Health Coach.  I put this program together to make it EASY for people to get back on track with their health and fitness goals.  I know how difficult it can be to try to make health and lifestyle changes on your own.   Now you’ll be plugged into a community of people that share your same goals.

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

I’d love it if you could join us!

Yours in good health,

Tiffiny Fambro, MPH
Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Coach



Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease.

The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes, has not been reviewed nor approved by the FDA and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietician or nutritionist.

You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices.  Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship.