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Sugar is in everything we eat, literally in everything we eat! In this video I discuss how the standard American Diet has “added” sugar in most of the foods we eat or buy at the grocery store.  Some examples are bread, cereal, milk, potato chips, soda, juice, and the list goes on.  One restaurant I enjoy every now and again even puts pancake batter in their omelets to make the omelets fluffier.  So if you are trying to avoid sugar and order an omelet at that restaurant you will be getting some sugar.

Processed foods are the largest group of foods that has sugar.  Many clients often ask me is any sugar good for them or can they eat small amounts.  The answer is in the United States, since “added” sugar is in everything we really need to monitor our sugar intake.  Fruit is a healthy natural source of sugar and even that can be detrimental if we over consume fruit.  The best answer is to decrease the amount of foods that have “added” sugar in our overall diet.

The American Heart Association says that most women should consume about 20 grams of sugar per day which is no more than 100 calories or 6 teaspoons and for most men the average should be about 30 grams of sugar which is no more than 150 calories or about 9 teaspoons ( This includes fruit consumption. The average American does about 200 grams per day.

When we take in food that is sugar our body gets the signal to burn the sugar.  However most Americans don’t do enough physical activity to burn the amount of sugar that we intake.  Therefore the end result is the body starts to store sugar as fat.

Some people use artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, dextrose, and aspartame to try and cut the sugar in their diet.  However artificial sweeteners still have chemicals which is not as healthy for the body as natural sweeteners.  Some natural sweeteners that would better options are honey, coconut sugar and dates or date sugar. 

The best diet is the one that has a moderate amount of protein, vegetables, healthy fat, and low amounts of sugar. And of course the diet that you can maintain.

Have you decreased your sugar intake over the years or are you trying to decrease your sugar intake?  Tell us about in the comments below and share it with us at our Facebook community at

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