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In this Week’s Video is part 3 of a fasting series, I discuss how to maximize weight loss while intermittent fasting. Watch or read video text below!

Hey everybody, as a healthy lifestyle expert, people specifically come to me to learn how create health habits quicker, easier and in a way that fits their lives and their schedules. Weight loss is usually the number 1 topic that most really want to know more about. And trust me I get it, we are getting close to Spring you want to get ready to fit back into your summer clothes without having to buy a bigger size.


1. So, first things first – you must choose the type of intermittent fasting you want to do. Did you look at my first video and pick a fasting time frame? If you haven’t, take a look at that first video and figure out what is going to work for your schedule. If you are new to fasting don’t try to start an aggressive fasting schedule. Create a timeframe that actually works for your day. If you have decided to eat in a 10 hour or 8-hour window just focus on eating in that timeframe for the first couple of weeks.


Don’t focus on a specific diet just focus on getting into a habit for eating during that time. Here’s the reason why. When you cut down the amount of time you have to eat you are automatically going to decrease your calories. So, for example let say on average you were awake for 12-16 hours a day and ate 3000 calories during that time.


Now for intermittent fasting you are awake for 12-16 hours, but you only eat for 8 hours a day. Which means you may not be able to consume the 3000 calories because you literally don’t have the time, you may only consume about 2500 calories. That is a 500 calorie decrease which if you were to do that 6-7 days a week you are going to lose about 1lb a week. Not even exercising.


2. Now once you have started intermittent fasting on a regular basis and you’ve got your habit down the next step is to look at what you are eating. The biggest thing that I tell people to do to start seeing results is to decrease processed or added sugars. (start screaming) Now I know for some of you that can be fairly dramatic but trust me you are going to love the results. Like I said in video 2 of the fasting series, your body identifies sugar as pretty much anything that is not fat or protein. In general Bread, muffins, cookies, cake, ice-cream, anything breaded and fried, sauces, dressing, okay I think you get the picture.


Now I’m saying that you have to give up everything that you love but start with something simple. Maybe decrease the amount of bread that you eat per week. Instead of toast or pancakes everyday try every other day. if you drink a beverage that has a lot of hidden sugars like lattes or Frappuccino’s from your favorite coffee shop or juices or sodas that you drink try to decrease the amount of find options that don’t have a lot of sugar.


Maybe you eat a salad every day, but you drown your salad in a sweet dressing, try to find a dressing with less sugar or a vinegar/oil-based dressing. Really look at what you are eating and slowly decrease foods that your body can turn into sugar and trust me you will slowly start to see a change.


My biggest suggestion is to break your fast with protein, healthy fat and you can add vegetables. That could be a protein shake or scrambled eggs and some berries, baked chicken or fish with a salad. Try to eat foods with higher amounts of sugar around the time that you workout or exercise so that your body can use that for energy.


3. The third step, Drink more water. Our bodies are made of about 60% water. When we are fasting, drinking water helps us flush out toxins, keeps our bodies hydrated and helps us to feel full longer. It’s been shown that an increase in water can help in weight loss. So, try to make sure you are giving your body enough water throughout the day.


4. Now you have gotten your IF habit down, you are not consuming as much processed sugar, your drinking more water and you are feeling better more energy more vibrant. The 4th step to really boost your weight loss results, increase your physical activity.


That could be as simple as instead of working out 3 times a week you work out 4 times a week. If you don’t like going to the gym then find something that you like, take a fitness class with friends, go skating, go biking take your dog for a walk, play with your kids outside, dance around your house, Or if you are a busy pro and traveling for your job, utilize some of my quick workout videos that are on this channel that you can do anytime anywhere to keep you moving. There are so many different ways to be physically active find something that you like.


The point is if you haven’t already started an exercise regimen start one, if you’ve already started one boost up the amount or intensity, if you’ve done both these then keep going.

That is it for me guys, I hope you enjoyed the video and got some ideas on how you can maximize your weight loss results while intermittent fasting.


Next week in part 4 of the fasting series, I will be talking about low carb. dieting and intermittent fasting and yes I will be discussing the keto diet. So stay tuned, bye guys.